I need to revitalize my blog; I need to get back into blogging! I miss it! So, even though I’ve said before that prescriptive blogathons are not for me, I have decided to join Susannah Conway’s August Break. The idea is to post one photo for every day of August; Susannah provided a list of prompts for the uninspired but it’s really a fun community event, and so I will join just to get back into the swing of things. Some days I might post only a photo that goes with that day’s prompt, other days I might be inspired to actually compose one of my own posts. We shall see! I’ve got lots of travel photo essay ideas piled up but I also have to say that those are a lot of work and that’s why I probably procrastinate on actually putting them together.

In any case, to get started, Susannah’s prompt for today, the first of August, was “Morning Light.” So here is my morning light, namely the sun caught seeping through the living room window behind me as I was writing my Morning Pages at 6 a.m. today.

What I love about this shot: I’m glad I took it because the light is still soft; a few minutes later it was so bright it was almost blinding. Such is the light of summer here in Chicago. Not quite as white and blinding as it is in Israel at this time of year–this reminds me, I was in Jerusalem at this time last summer (does this call for a separate post?)–but still, plenty bright and yellow.

Happy August, everyone!