{August Break 8/3: Handwriting}

Incidentally, and fitting for today’s prompt, I was clearing out a stack of old mail the other day, and I held on to these letters from my nephew, my daughter and a good friend. I held onto them because I miss handwriting! Specifically, I miss seeing handwriting on letters from family and friends, hand-addressed packages, or scribbled post-it notes (at least those are still in fairly good supply in my household!). I received a hand-addressed package from a friend last week, and what a treat it was! Simply seeing it sitting there on my stoop, waiting for me to notice and immediately recognize her handwriting was a treat in and of itself.

That’s what I miss about our handwriting-deprived world: everybody’s individual touch through their script. You can tell who sent you a letter, or who scribbled a note, just by the way that person writes. It colors our world, it individualizes it like no font ever can.