{August Break 8/15: Unicorn}

What to do about today’s prompt? Ever since Susannah, host of August Break, remarked that she was extra curious what participants would do with this prompt, “unicorn” has been in the back of my mind. And guess what, all of a sudden, I noticed them here and there.

First I remembered the unicorn statue we saw on our recent trip to Ireland, off the side of the road from Killarney to Cork. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of it as our bus drove by, so I’m using this wikipedia image, just FYI.

Then I noticed the above t-shirt featuring a unicorn on the back of the newest Landsend catalog; I’m seriously thinking of buying it for my niece’s upcoming birthday!

Another pile of mail arrived and as I flipped through a Paper Source catalog, I saw that they have a whole range of products featuring unicorns, among them this adorable notebook!

Goes to show, when you’re on the lookout for something, you might just see it, even if it’s a spirit animal like the unicorn.