I didn’t realize firing a musket generates that much smoke! Well I guess I did when I think about images from movies like Glory, but to see it happen for real is a whole other thing.

We were in Boston last weekend experiencing parents weekend as freshly minted parents of a freshman, and that was interesting enough. But on Sunday, we were blessed with a gloriously sunny autumn day that we spent touring Minute Man Historical Park, which is only a short drive from Boston.

We learned all about “the shot that was heard around the world” and that began the American War of Independence in April 1775. We wandered up Fiske Hill, where the local militia gave the retreating British “regulars” hell once they returned from their forage into nearby Concord, MA. The “funnest” (word coined by my kids) moment, though, was a live demonstration of a musket firing by a living history Minute Man (the Minute Men were the elite militia troupe that was trained to be ready to fight within a minute).

We wrapped up the day poking about the old graveyards in Concord, MA at dusk – photos of which I will aptly share on Halloween!