I’ve been traveling nonstop for the past two weeks, first to Arizona to attend my publisher’s author retreat, then to Israel to attend my son’s graduating ceremony from IDF advanced training. Opposite directions, similar climates, massive time changes, lots of time spent in airplane seats. On the way back from Israel we missed our connecting flight in Newark and got stuck spending the night there. Such is the glamour of travel! Nevertheless, it all was totally worth it, and I’m glad I was able to go on these trips and come home with lots of good impressions, experiences and ideas to reap from.

For now this jet-setting has me exhausted, so I leave you with this snapshot of the happy Saguaro cacti that make up the forests around Phoenix, Arizona. I simply love those guys! They strike me as proud and stately, and yet quite funny and comical, especially as some of them seem to have their arms stuck out in a permanent wave at me.