30 Oct, 2012

Photo Essay: Savoring Fall in Indiana

October 30th, 2012|Tags: , , , , , |

I am immensely grateful to our friend who sowed sunflower seeds on an empty spot on our property in Indiana, because the dry sunflowers now make great models for my [...]

25 Oct, 2012

Photo Essay: Starved Rock in Fall

October 25th, 2012|Tags: , , , , |

A hiking trip to Starved Rock State Park, a two hour drive from Chicago, is one of those traditions my daughter insists on. We just have to make it out [...]

11 Oct, 2012

Photo Essay: At the Pumpkin Farm

October 11th, 2012|Tags: , , |

I am absolutely in love with fall, particularly this year when the summer's heat kept me indoors so much. I've promised myself to be outside as much as possible to savor fall, [...]

30 Nov, 2011

My Favorite Poem: Herbsttag by Rainer Maria Rilke

November 30th, 2011|Tags: , , , |

Today is the last day of November, high time to share with you my favorite poem, Herbsttag (Autumn Day) by Rainer Maria Rilke. Many of you probably know him as [...]

29 Nov, 2011

A Hot Chocolate Party in the Cold

November 29th, 2011|Tags: , |

This blog makes me do things, such as following through on fun schemes like having a hot chocolate party outside, in the cold. Our dotted pumpkin showed signs of wilting, [...]

24 Nov, 2011

A Dotted Lantern for Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2011|Tags: |

Yes, I know, Thanksgiving is not Pumpkin Day, but I still had this pumpkin from our trip to the pumpkin farm, since I hadn't gotten around to carving it into [...]

22 Nov, 2011

Photo Essay: Fall at the Beach

November 22nd, 2011|Tags: , , , , |

I love that living in Chicago means the beach is not only about summer. Here's the concession stand at the Rogers Park Beach in October. Here's that same stand a few [...]

16 Nov, 2011

Photo Essay: Golden Streets

November 16th, 2011|Tags: , , |

If it weren't for the leaf blowers, Chicago's streets would be paved in gold these days, as this sidewalk is, at least in one spot. I am somewhat infatuated with fall, so [...]

31 Oct, 2011

Photo Essay: Pumpkins

October 31st, 2011|Tags: |

I'm back from the fabulous writers' conference but I haven't quite digested it all yet, and haven't quite adjusted to everyday life again, so since it's Halloween today, I figured [...]

27 Oct, 2011

Greetings from the Potomac River

October 27th, 2011|Tags: , |

Greetings from the misty banks of the Potomac River where I am at a writers' conference. More detailed reports are found on Nancy's blog but I do hope to report [...]

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