26 Sep, 2013

Shocked by Patricia Volk

September 26th, 2013|Tags: , |

My review of Patricia Volk's Shocked is my first review of a memoir for the Jewish Book World. I looked forward to this assignment because I have a thing for the French fashion [...]

22 Jul, 2013

Why Writers are Fortunate

July 22nd, 2013|Tags: , , |

For our June class, my Advanced Memoir Workshop at StoryStudio Chicago read Rosanne Cash's memoir Composed. It's not the kind of memoir I would have chosen to read myself, but [...]

17 Jul, 2013

Rebecca McClanahan on Writing about Family

July 17th, 2013|Tags: , , , |

With her memoir The Tribal Knot - A Memoir of Family, Community and a Century of Change, RebeccaMcClanahan did what many of us wish we would do – "do something" [...]

1 Jul, 2013

Report from a Literary Hybrid/Book Arts Workshop

July 1st, 2013|Tags: , , |

Ellen Sheffield's Book Arts Studio at Kenyon College One of my housemates at the Kenyon Writer's Workshop was Mimi Chiang, and not only did we hit it off right away, [...]

19 Jun, 2013

A Memoir Doesn’t Have to Be a Book

June 19th, 2013|Tags: |

This is my life at Kenyon College right now - sunlight filtering throug the trees along the Middle Path, where we writers tread to meet for our various workshops. I [...]

24 Apr, 2013

It’s OK to Lie in Memoir

April 24th, 2013|Tags: , |

If memoir is the genre of truth, how could it possibly be acceptable to lie? Wasn’t James Frey fried because he lied? And yet, I venture to say that it [...]

3 Apr, 2013

@ the Kenyon Writers Workshop

April 3rd, 2013|Tags: , , |

Just a quick note to share that I will be a fellow at the Kenyon Writers Workshop this summer (June 15-22), which means I will get to assist the wonderful [...]

1 Apr, 2013

The Many Lives of a Story

April 1st, 2013|Tags: , |

Today I bring you what I think is a most inspiring post: My longtime student Diane Hurles has shared here before how she managed to find her voice as a memoir [...]

28 Mar, 2013

What is Memoir?

March 28th, 2013|Tags: , , |

The often incorrect use of the term memoir is a pet peeve of mine; after all, it is my genre. It's what I write primarily, and what I teach. So [...]

18 Mar, 2013

Leslie Maitland on Writing from a Different Point of View in Memoir

March 18th, 2013|Tags: , |

My author Q&A with Leslie Maitland appeared in the Washington Independent Review of Books last week. Her memoir Crossing the Borders of Time, about finding her mother's first love whom she [...]

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