29 Sep, 2011

Submissions: My Worst Submissions Story Yet

September 29th, 2011|Tags: |

Since I'm always waxing about how to get the submissions process done right, I thought I'd share, for a change, the story of my own worst mishap. In February of 2010, [...]

22 Sep, 2011

Submissions: Cover Letters

September 22nd, 2011|Tags: |

Many of my students wonder how to write the cover letter to send along with a submission to a literary magazine, so I thought I'd devote a post to that aspect [...]

15 Sep, 2011

Submissions: Follow the Guidelines

September 15th, 2011|Tags: |

It might be obvious to follow the submission guidelines of each literary magazine you submit to, but I've been tripped up myself because I wasn't diligent enough, or thought I knew [...]

9 Sep, 2011

Submissions: The Beauty of Snail Mail Submissions

September 9th, 2011|Tags: , |

Don't get me wrong: I love online submissions. But this morning, after submitting a few manuscripts online in a manner of minutes, I came across a literary journal that is not [...]

8 Sep, 2011

Submissions: Best Literary Magazines for Nonfiction that Don’t Accept Simultaneous Submissions

September 8th, 2011|Tags: , |

In my opinion, a literary journal that does not accept simultaneous submissions is the bane of a writer's existence (to use a cliché) because this means a journal is arrogant [...]

1 Sep, 2011

Submissions: All You Need to Know About Submitting to Literary Magazines

September 1st, 2011|Tags: |

I haven't written about submissions to literary magazines for a while because many of them are published by universities and thus adhere to the academic calendar of taking the summer [...]

12 Jul, 2011

Submissions: A Word on Writing Contests

July 12th, 2011|Tags: |

My take on writing contests was first published in Tiny Lights, but it's been a while so I'm offering this update. A few years ago, at one of my MFA residencies, a panel [...]

29 Jun, 2011

Let’s go short: Creative Nonfiction’s Tiny Truths Daily Contest

June 29th, 2011|Tags: |

Creative Nonfiction magazine has really spruced up its looks and contents, and they are currently running a micro essay contest on Twitter that's fun to watch: Tiny Truths Daily Contest. Once [...]

23 Jun, 2011

Submissions: Submitting is Like Dating

June 23rd, 2011|Tags: |

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive “ink” from an editor on a rejection slip – ink meaning a handwritten note saying something like “nice work, send us more” – [...]

20 Jun, 2011

Submissions: Agent Insight – A Memoir is not the Story of Your Life

June 20th, 2011|Tags: , |

Wonderful clarification from Katie Shea of Caren Johnson Literary Agency on what memoir is not: a story of your life (that would be an autobiography). Here's her answer regarding memoir manuscripts [...]

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