1 Jun, 2011

Writing Exercise: Color List – Pink

June 1st, 2011|Tags: , |

Since my color list for green was a success, I've decided to create, with your help, one color list each month, and eventually I'll publish a page with all of them [...]

25 May, 2011

Writing Exercise: Sounds of Rain

May 25th, 2011|Tags: , |

View from the window behind my writing couch this morning - see how the water is pouring from the spout? What words to use describe the sound of rain? We had [...]

9 May, 2011

Writing Exercise: Color List – Shades of Green

May 9th, 2011|Tags: , |

One of the challenges in writing evocative descriptions is getting the color just right. Making your reader see what you see will draw him or her into the scene, and [...]

6 May, 2011

In Honor of Mothers Day: “Momoirs”

May 6th, 2011|Tags: , , |

"Pregnancy is poetry. Parenting is prose." (As heard on Twitter May 4 via SMITH Magazine) What a priceless assessment of motherhood! In honor of Mother's Day, check out SMITH Magazine's Six-Word [...]

1 May, 2011

Writing Exercise: Smells of Spring

May 1st, 2011|Tags: , |

Today I cut open a butternut squash for a beef tagine dish I was trying out, and as I scooped the seeds out of its bottom and breathed in its [...]

29 Apr, 2011

Writing Exercise: Practice Writing a Scene

April 29th, 2011|Tags: |

Which writer has not been advised to turn this or that passage into a scene? The problem is: how exactly do you do that? First, of course, you need the parts [...]

13 Apr, 2011

Writing About Things

April 13th, 2011|Tags: , |

I received this poem today as part of the poem-a-day initiative by poets.org. The Things By Donald Hall When I walk in my house I see pictures, bought long ago, [...]

1 Feb, 2011

The Descriptive Mood

February 1st, 2011|Tags: , |

Going for a walk invariably puts me in a descriptive mood, especially a walk in nature. I wind up thinking about how I would describe, for instance, the waters of [...]

10 Jan, 2011

Strong Verbs and the Art Institute

January 10th, 2011|Tags: , |

“As a creative person, it’s good to visit places like the Art Institute; they always inspire you in unexpected ways,” I said to my daughter as we left the Art [...]

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