Great Salt Lake at dusk

The Great Salt Lake as seen from Saltair at dusk

My number one goal for our visit to Salt Lake City was to float in the Great Salt Lake.

A few years ago on a trip to Israel, we’d all floated in the Dead Sea. So I wanted the kids to experience that there was a body of water only second to the Dead Sea in saltiness.

What a folly of an idea!

At least close to Salt Lake City floating is not possible because the lake is so shallow.

However, we did make it out to the beach by Saltair to see a beautiful sunset over the lake. Unfortunately the sand flies were so pesky that we hurried back to our car.

After visiting Temple Square and learning about the Mormons, we followed the tip of a former colleague of mine who’d moved to Salt Lake City to visit the Kennecott Copper Mine.

haul truck at copper mine in Utah

These haulage trucks are as big as a house, cost more than $2 million each, and travel at 10 mph. “Smaller” vehicles have flag poles attached so the drivers up in the truck can see them. Oh, and the mine has its own traffic control center to regulate the movement of all vehicles in the mine.

What a sight! I love seeing real working places like that, and learning about how actual products are made.

In this case, we learned how copper is extracted from relatively low-grade ore in one of the largest open pit mines of the world.

The Bingham Canyon Mine as seen from the Visitor Center.
It is more than a 3/4 mile deep with much more ore below.