Arches National Park panorama view
To quote my daughter: “This is cooler than Monument Valley.”

giant hole in red rock at Arches National Park

Some whining from my sons was involved because we were “hiking again” until they realized the arches offered climbing opportunities. All of a sudden, they were totally engaged with the place. Here Turret Arch on the Windows Trail.

succulent growing on red rock

A lone succulent survives in the gravely ground by the Windows.

South Window at Arches National Park

South Window seen from the Primitive Trail where a little serenity might be found – the crowds tend to hop out of their car, stand under an arch and then drive on.

My kids climbing up under the South Window.

Here’s Delicate Arch of Utah license plate fame – as seen from the viewpoint. Getting closer would have meant a 3 hour hike in 95 degree heat. Not for us!

I loved these verdigris hills – green earth from mineral deposits.

Sand Dune Arch at Arches National Park

Sand Dune Arch – the only trail where flip flops are appropriate! To reach it, you wade through drifts of corral sand in between cool rock walls.

Arches National Park cleft in rock

The split in the rock on the way to Sand Dune Arch – one of the few cool places in an otherwise blazingly hot park.