green pumpkin carved with dot holes

Thanksgiving is not Pumpkin Day, but I still had this pumpkin from our trip to the pumpkin farm.

And I hadn’t gotten around to carving it into the polka-dot lantern I plan to make every year. So yesterday, as I was contemplating our last pumpkins to turn into pie and soup, I simply could not chop this one up. So I took the time to carve it. The holes are punched, by the way, with a hole cutter from a Martha Stewart pumpkin carving kit that I bought years ago when Martha by Mail still existed. I fell in love with this simple design back then and still love it.

And maybe, after all the turkey and pie, there shall be a quiet moment tonight for that hot chocolate party from my fall list, out on the porch, with the grey-green pumpkin lantern and its orange dots glowing in the dark.