My son and I had the most thrilling adventure on Sunday: After shopping at Bass Pro Shop for his upcoming science fair project, we stopped by a park down the road. I’d found it on Google Maps, and I just wanted to walk around a bit to get my daily exercise and enjoy the autumn sun. Next thing I know, we happened upon this abandoned bridge over the Little Calumet River. We are enthralled.



Will the plank hold?
What lies beyond?
An abandoned road – for a good hour then, we explored where this overgrown path would lead us, or rather, how far we could get, plowing through thickets and climbing over fallen trees.
Into thickets
Along marbled slime…
…to a spooky swamp. Thankfully the sun was shining.
We never reached an official end, we simply tired of the thickets, but we did hear traffic and saw overhead power lines, so we weren’t that for from civilization. Following this path into the woods,¬†exploring to see where it would lead, or rather, how far we could get – it was one of those great little adventures of life. Simple, impromptu and lots of fun!
Eventually, we returned whence we came, proud of venturing beyond the barrier.