Download my free 14-page workbook
to review and plan your writing life.

For the writers among my readers, I have a little gift: my Writer’s Workbook 2014 (download it by clicking on the title). If you’re not a writer but another creative soul, it might also work as it is a 14-page tool to review the past year and plan for the next.

At this time of the year, I like to take stock of where my writing has taken me over the past
twelve months. This provides me with a mirror of realities I might not yet be
aware of, because what’s in my mind is often quite different from what has
actually materialized. I have found, for example, that I chase publication in
prestigious literary magazines, while I have enjoyed great publication success
in journalistic markets. So what’s the obvious path to future success?

In my Morning Pages notebook I’ve been listing publications, pieces still in the pipeline, as well as ideas for
new essays and books. I tried to celebrate my successes; I contemplated my
disappointments. As the lists accumulated, I thought, why not organize them?
Why not have a central place, a writer’s workbook, to review my writing year
and plan for the next, akin to Susannah Conway’s workbooks unraveling the year that I love to complete?

So, I decided to run with that idea, and the result is this workbook. Find yourself a quiet hour and work through it. I promise it will be illuminating! And do let me know what you think, please.

Here’s to all your writing wishes coming true in 2014!