Before winter became heavy, it came softly. Before we had 3+ feet of snow on the ground, there were just tracks of snow swinging through the woods.

I really miss being out on our country property in Indiana, but the massive amount of snow and the continuing cold (a high of 3F today!) simply prohibit hanging out there (I’m ordering snow shoes for next winter). So my consolation is to assemble a few photos taken in late December, when it was already wintry, but comparatively mild.



There were the barren fields next door, …
…but fall could still be felt.
There were still leaves twirling in the breeze and berries glowing on a bush.


There was frozen water in the ditch and snow dusted on fallen logs.


Everywhere, there was the soothing grey-brown of trees in winter.


And there was enough snow on the ground for us to leave our mark.