I’m usually not a spring person, but this year I am hungry (hungry!) for spring flowers and vibrant colors, and so yesterday I took myself on an Artist’s Date to the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Today is the official start of spring but outside the world is grey and ugly. The ground is muddy, the grass the color of wet straw, the trees black and bare. Except for a few stubborn icy patches, the snow has melted and revealed the trash from three months of the city not being able to send through the street sweepers and the picker-uppers.

Yesterday was also my Aunt Herta’s birthday (I portrayed her in my story “The White World“). She loved to photograph flowers, so I felt I was paying tribute to her by taking these pictures. And today is my mother’s birthday; all through my childhood her flowerbeds were true showpieces. It all came together with this visit to the Conservatory: memories of two important women in my life, photography and flowers.

Currently, a good number of the Conservatory’s greenhouses are closed for glass roof repairs, but still, color was to be found.¬†There wasn’t much more to the Spring Flower display than these bright azaleas, but the Palm House offered deep greens and refreshing yellows:

And the Children’s Garden offered up some funky plants:
 Happy Spring!
And may the flowers pop up soon!