The capturing of this recipe was inspired by Bella Grace and is my contribution to the Bella Grace Blog Hop.


1 porch
1 summer day, temperatures in the 70s, preferably
1 deck chair, a lounge chair or a hammock will also do, basically anything will do that allows you to put your feet up


side table
coffee mug
tea cup
water glass


Settle into the chair and position yourself comfortably, stuff pillows where needed, behind your head or under your knees, spread a blanket if it’s a tad chilly.

Read, write, watch the shadow trailing your pen in your notebook. Close your eyes. Melt into the warm pink behind your lids.

Listen to the sounds of the neighborhood: the swoosh of the breeze in the trees, the chirping of the birds, the chatter of the squirrels, the buzz of the bees, the thud of a neighbor walking up the backstairs, the slam of a screen door, the clatter of a garbage bin, the soft sound of bike tires, then the squeak of brakes, then the bang of a back gate, the murmur of a language you don’t understand.

Feel the whiff of air cool like a swim hole waft up from down below, the sun warm on your face, your muscles buttery and your limbs all dissolved.


Totally optional but super fun: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the porch. It simply tastes better outside.