Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, so I thought I’d share another glimpse of Israel, from a day trip my daughter and I took to Akko in July. Akko is famous for its underground Crusader City, photos of which I shall share soon, but for today I felt like taking another walk through the sunny, narrow streets of the Old City of Akko.

I have a thing for laundry wherever it presents itself.
The might of the former Crusader City is still apparent in the seawall.

One is hard pressed to find a synagogue in the Old City given that it was first a Crusader fortress and then an Ottoman stronghold. Here the entrance to the Al-Jezzar Mosque, which was one busy place since we were there on a Friday.
The World Cup was on and all of Israel was engaged, hence flags were everywhere.

Freshly pressed cold orange juice in the Khan al-Umdan (Hostelry of Columns) that sits by the ancient harbor and dates back to the Crusader Period (12th – 13th century). The current structure awaits restoration; it was originally built by Ahmed Pasha al-Jezzar, as a storage place for merchandise traded in the nearby port.

This vendor told me his mother, seated at left, made these delights in her kitchen. I’m not sure about that, but I bought some anyway.
Here’s to a sweet New Year!