I didn’t get to see the pouring of these foundation walls (sadly, I don’t make it out to the construction site way as often as I would like).

So when I came by a few days after the first two pictures in this sequence were taken, the basement had been poured and its framing plates were already off. Here we’re looking directly at what is going to be a staircase going down to what will be our tornado shelter (if you remember my post “Tornado Trees” from 2012, you know that those dangerous twisters are a reality we have to reckon with).
We get to climb down!

A contemplation of lines looking out of the basement window into the climb-out well.
Above ground again, the site seems almost too neat.

I continue to be fascinated by the construction equipment, such as this giant screw, used to dig holes for foundation concrete pillars.

The remnant of a thick cardboard tube that is inserted into the hole after the screw has come up.

Then the concrete truck roars up. I’ve always loved the red and white trucks of the Ozinga concrete company, so I was thrilled to see one appearing at our site.

It’s slobbery work, pouring concrete to make one of the foundation pillars!
Washing up