For the last few days of this year I decided to run a “Best of…” series to pay homage to some of the best times this year, i.e. travels and other exploits. So here’s the first post in the series, showcasing the best pictures from our trip to Scotland this summer.

After suffering the intense heat of Israel, the rain in Edinburgh was a welcome relief. Here, the view of the city from Edinburgh castle.
It’s all about war up in the castle, which is, after all, a fortress.
Rain all day and sun at sunset causes a rainbow over the Firth of Forth and the city bathed in a rosy glow.
Off to the Isle of Skye through Scotland’s Highlands, in a minibus whose phenomenal driver Alan navigated the twisty and often narrow lanes with aplomb.
Portree, our spot for the night on the Isle of Skye
This is just what you see out of a cafe window in Portree.
We didn’t stay here but I loved the colorful paint on the hostel in Portree.
Path to the Lighthouse at Neist Point, western coast of the Isle of Skye
Neist Point – view to the Outer Hebrides
Lighthouse at Neist Point and view of the Isle of Skye coastline from the lighthouse
 Hiking the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye (We had awesome weather.)
Uig Bay, Isle of Skye
View of the mainland highlands from the Isle of Skye
Memorial for the World War II Commando at what used to be their training ground in the Scottish Highlands
Rainy view of and from Eilean Donan Castle
(a tourist trap, but worthwhile)
PS: We did stop at Scotland’s main tourist trap, Loch Ness, as that seems to be obligatory on any tour of the Scottish Highlands. It is, however, just a blue lake among green mountains, and rather boring in my opinion, which is why I’m not featuring any of those boring pictures.