It’s nice when you poke about cyberspace in the evening, too tired to do anything productive, but not quite ready for bed yet, and discover something neat and life-affirming, such as an interview with yourself.

Yesterday I was following up on the thank-you email from the freelancer who had interviewed me a while ago for the “Around Oak Park” blog, and even though she hadn’t told me that the interview was up, I checked the site, and there it was:

My Year at the Hemingway Birthplace Home–Interview with Annette Gendler

Thus I found myself doing something productive after all, namely putting together this blog post. Incidentally, the Hemingway House had very much been on my mind yesterday as I pitched an article to my new publication outlet Kveller on the house as an excellent Chicagoland place to visit with kids, especially on blustery winter days. Isn’t it nice when things jive like that?

Lastly, rereading my interview responses proved to be a nice opportunity to pause and appreciate that special time as writer-in-residence again. It also had me thinking back to the interview my local paper did with me before my residency began. I reread that and marveled a little at how much richer my life became thanks to the writer-in-residence experience.

So, there you have it, a little poking about resulted in some reminiscing, a little late-night nostalgia, but mainly lots of gratitude for a special time.