I’m currently offering a free mini course on writing stories from family history.

As I’m working on creating my own online course business, things are moving much faster than I anticipated.

Last week, while out on a walk, I had an idea for a little course.

The caveat: It needs to run before the holidays begin. Could I pull that off in such a short time? I noodled on that for a bit and decided that I could. No more circling the perfectionist roundabout but rather learning by doing!

So, here are the details:

This is a free mini-course to get you going on Writing Stories from Family History.

“Stories” might even be too big a word as each week you’ll only need to post a photo and write 2-3 paragraphs to go along with it. It’ll be a bit holiday themed, and thus a nice way to get in the mood.

The only thing you need is a Facebook account to participate.

It begins this coming Sunday, November 7, and we will wrap up during Thanksgiving week.

Learn more here and sign up if you’re so inclined.