LaSalle Canyon Wall, photo taken by my friend Barbara Schlund

Starved Rock is one of my favorite places to hike, and when my friend Barbara was visiting, we stopped by there on a little trip we took. It had rained a lot the days before, so the hiking paths were frightfully muddy, but we weren’t deterred and decided to at least try to make it to LaSalle Canyon because, we figured, given the rains, the waterfall must be busy. Most times I have been there, it’s been just a trickle.

We weren’t disappointed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the LaSalle Canyon waterfall that busy. We could hear it thundering from quite some distance.

Although I think this kind of shot is a bit kitschy, I’m proud of it because it confirms that my photographic skills have advanced. A year ago I would not have been able to capture the flow of the water.
Similarly, capturing the falling drops of water is not something I could have done previously.
Starved Rock wasn’t only a wet place that day, it was also a lush green place.

 Here I am on the way out of the canyon, wielding that camera. One benefit of hiking with a friend who also likes to take pictures is that I actually get a few of myself.  

Two muddy boots! Rest stop on a bench by the Illinois River before our final climb up the many, many steps to the top of the canyon ridge where our car was parked.