6Jan, 2022

How to Capture Family History in a Book of My Things – Course Countdown: Day 1 – My Dad’s Old Latin-German Stowasser Dictionary

I'm so excited that my online course Capturing Family History in a Book of My Things begins in ten days that I decided to run a countdown. I'll be sharing some of my stories about family objects, including tidbits of my process putting them together. Hopefully that'll give you some ideas and inspire you to come up with some [...]

15Dec, 2021

The Best from Our North Dakota Road Trip: Wide Open Horizons, Fab Fargo, Muddy Hikes and Grand Badland Vistas

This is all I really wanted from our trip to North Dakota: The open road and wide, wide horizons. (That, and finally visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, see below.) I took this picture on our first day driving I-94 going west. Fargo, North Dakota's biggest city and right across the Red River from Minnesota, was our first stop. [...]

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