1 May, 2017

Jerusalem: Beit Nechemia

2021-01-03T17:26:12-06:00May 1st, 2017|Tags: , |

Today is Yom HaZikaron, the day Israel remembers its fallen soldiers. As the mother of two IDF soldiers (My daughter wrapped up her service last year; my son is still [...]

2 Aug, 2015

Jerusalem Street Library

2021-01-03T17:27:14-06:00August 2nd, 2015|Tags: , |

While walking to my Ulpan (Hebrew school) in Jerusalem this morning, I passed by this street library set up in an old bus station. Of course I was immediately charmed [...]

21 Aug, 2014

Tel Aviv Bauhaus

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Tel Aviv is on my mind right now as my daughter is enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces today. When this post appears, she is already in her uniform. I've [...]

10 Jul, 2014

Sirens over Tel Aviv

2021-01-03T17:28:10-06:00July 10th, 2014|Tags: , |

This is the Tel Aviv building where we are currently staying on the top floor - the penthouse is set back so you can't see it from the street, plus it's rather [...]

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