This holiday season I didn’t manage a photo trip to capture some of the kitschier Christmas decorations on Chicago’s Southwest side as I had planned on my winter list. However, before immersing ourselves with travel to the moon and space shuttle launches at space camp in Huntsville, Alabama last week, my son and I walked through Huntsville’s historic Twickenham District. So, before the holiday season is entirely over (the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated tomorrow), I shall share with you these tastefully decorated antebellum homes.

Mastin Batson, 1819, on Franklin Street
Huntsville features the most antebellum homes in any city in Alabama. Antebellum refers to homes built before the Civil War (1861-1865). We walked down Franklin Street and side streets from there.
Munroe Clark, 1814

From what I can tell, that tree in the background is a rhododendron, which reaches only bush size up north.

Bibb Home, 1836
Wharton Walker, 1820
Mastin Home 1822
You do have to watch your step on those old brick side walks!