22May, 2017

Book Companion Post: Filling in the Blanks on Family History

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These past few days I have been able to do what I love best in my writing life: rummage around in family history. I've been rewriting an essay that O - The Oprah Magazine has expressed an interest in. It's about the visit my sister and I paid to our great-great-grandparents' former mill in the Czech countryside last September. To [...]

10May, 2017

The Flying Dutchman Comes Home

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Train station in Liberec (formerly Reichenberg) - the train in "The Flying Dutchman" left from here I owe the metaphor of the Flying Dutchman, title of one of the pivotal chapters in Jumping Over Shadows, to my grandfather, who's also the protagonist of that story. In his letter to friends that described what had happened to the family from May 1945 [...]

1May, 2017

Jerusalem: Beit Nechemia

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Today is Yom HaZikaron, the day Israel remembers its fallen soldiers. As the mother of two IDF soldiers (My daughter wrapped up her service last year; my son is still serving.), this day fills me with apprehension as well as pride. So, to honor Yom HaZikaron, I offer you this little photo essay of Beit Nechemia, a youth center in [...]

24Apr, 2017

Book Companion Post – Chapter: Surberg Concentration Camp Memorial

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Today is Yom HaShoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorated by Jewish communities and individuals worldwide. In Israel, the most remarkable feature of the day is the siren that sounds at sundown (when the day officially begins), and again at 11 a.m., when the entire country comes to standstill for two minutes of silent devotion. The same, by the way, happens on Yom HaZikaron, [...]

16Apr, 2017

Book Companion Post – Chapter: Israel – At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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In time for Easter, my essay "At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre" appeared on Jerusalem Moments. With it, I thought I'd share a few photos from and around this church, with which I have made more of a peace since that very first visit, retold in this excerpt from Jumping Over Shadows. I pretty much visit the Church of [...]

11Apr, 2017

Book Companion Post – Chapter: Haselnusstorte (or: A Flourless Hazelnut Torte for Passover)

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  "The next time we visited her, a hazelnut torte would be waiting on her kitchen counter, glazed in glistening dark chocolate." Story and recipe on page 166 of Jumping Over Shadows - A Memoir This chapter was also excerpted in Tablet Magazine, see A Kosher for Passover Hazelnute Torte. I'm going out of chapter order with today's book companion [...]

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