15Jun, 2018

Suicide Touches Almost Every Family

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My great-grandfather with my grandmother, Reichenberg, 1932 "A few days before Kristallnacht, on the evening of Thursday, November 3, 1938, my great-grandfather walked up the hill to the cemetery by the crematorium in Reichenberg, found the family grave, and shot himself." Jumping Over Shadows, p. 66 I was going to write about something completely different today, but then [...]

26May, 2018

Book Companion Post: Sanatorium Brey

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Siebenhäuser Liberec Reichenberg Stadt, Sanatorium Dr. Max Brey When I visited my grandparents' hometown Liberec (Reichenberg) in the Czech Republic in 2009 on a research trip for Jumping Over Shadows, I spent a long time wandering their old neighborhood, looking for the building that could have been the Sanatorium Brey. This institution figured prominently in our family's history: [...]

18May, 2018

My Grandmother’s Rice Pudding Recipe (Reisauflauf)

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For this weekend's Jewish holiday of Shavuot (celebrating God's giving the Ten Commandments and the Torah (five books of Moses) to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai) it is customary to eat a dairy meal, and my German, non-Jewish grandmother's rice pudding ("Reisauflauf") is the perfect recipe for that because in the Bohemian kitchen, a "Mehlspeise" (sweet dish) is often [...]

11May, 2018

The Ever Elusive Artist Date in a Japanese Garden

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I might be good at writing my Morning Pages, but I am horrible at keeping Artist Dates. These are two of the three pillars sustaining a creative life, according to Julia Cameron (see The Artist's Way); the third is daily walks, which I'm also not so good at. It is quite simply very hard for me to fit in an [...]

13Apr, 2018

What 5 Years of Writing Morning Pages Can Do

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Five years of writing Morning Pages equals twelve notebooks On April 8, 2013, I wrote in my very first Black n' Red notebook: "I shall give this writing Morning Pages a try." Five years later, I'm still writing Morning Pages. Thankfully, I marked each anniversary with a blog post, and so, as I was putting this one together, I [...]

5Apr, 2018

6 Things that Will Surprise You about Publishing a Book

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Karlsruhe, Germany - Photo by Barbara Jester Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my book's publication--the perfect time to share a few things that surprised me about publishing a book: People genuinely admire you for having done it--for having completed something, for actually writing a book and getting it out there. Many people dream of this, few actually [...]

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