11Sep, 2020

Remembering 9/11 by Remembering Some of Those Who Lost Their Lives

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Today is 9/11. Somehow it strikes me as odd to remember that day in the middle of a new calamity. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly is a different calamity altogether. I'm not even sure it's appropriate to compare the two but that's where my mind is going. Remembering 9/11 also makes me so conscious of the passage of time. 9/11 was [...]

14Aug, 2020

During the Pandemic, Traveling by Book is the Best Kind of Travel, Provided You Read a Magnificent One like The Lost Pianos of Siberia

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It is precious and rare to fall in love with a book. It is even more precious to get lost in a book and be swept away to another world. This just happened to me with Sophy Roberts' wondrous The Lost Pianos of Siberia. I finished its 350 pages in three days. Then, hungry for more, I read its hefty [...]

7Aug, 2020

Soothing for the Soul – A Day of Wide Open Horizons and Thundering Waves at the Indiana Dunes

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For weeks my daughter had been nudging that she wanted to go hike trail 10 in the Indiana Dunes. She wanted to relive a childhood experience. We had taken the kids on the woods part of that trail way back when. It is fairly flat and thus easier to manage for little legs. But we had never gone in the [...]

28Jul, 2020

Podcast Interview: How to Get Started Writing Family History Stories and How to Make Them Interesting for the Next Generation

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That's me in front of my grandparents' former house in Liberec, Czech Republic, August 2002 I'm happy to share that I'm featured on this week's edition of the Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast. It was a lot of fun talking to Lisa Louise Cooke about my book How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History. Here's a snippet of the [...]

24Jul, 2020

Sharing Impressions from an Epic Trip to Peru Last Year: A Sand Storm Threatens a Flight over the Mysterious Nazca Lines

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On our trip to Peru last year, we first traveled south, past all the depressing shanty towns of Lima, mainly to see the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines. This post continues my series celebrating the trip to Peru I was fortunate enough to undertake with two of my kids last summer. The current difficulty of travel due to the Coronavirus Pandemic has [...]

17Jul, 2020

Sharing Impressions from an Epic Trip to Peru Last Summer: Beginning with the Shocking Poverty of the Shanty Towns of Lima

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Seeing the shanty towns south of Lima on the very first day we were traveling in Peru last summer left an indelible impression on me. Never in my life had I seen people living in such dismal conditions. Not even on my trip to Manaus in Brazil a few years ago. And yet the shanty towns were an appropriate introduction [...]

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