Our property out in the country of northwestern Indiana got hit by a tornado last weekend. Thankfully, none of the buildings were damaged, but as we walked around earlier this week, it was quite amazing to us urbanites to see how big healthy trees were twisted off in a seeminly random pattern.

Other trees were simply bent over in long elegant curves. The energy stored in this one is almost visible as it seems ready to snap up if that other stump were lifted off.

Here the half moon root ball of a fallen tree and with it the half moons of the trees it bent over.


Already a leaf has settled.

Toothpicks in the forest.

I shouldn’t delight in the symmetry of destruction but I still love how these two aspen fell perfectly parallel.

While these twisted-off tree tops look rather comical, they’re also quite dangerous as they are too high up for us to get them down, and yet, at some point they will come down. Also, interestingly, dead trees like these were left standing while healthier ones were felled. The theory is that without foliage there was less mass there for the wind to grab and beat around.

One fine mess for us to pick up.