A Civil War grave

One morning at Kenyon last week I got up early and left the house before sunrise to get in my photography fix amongst all that writing. My destination: the old and picturesque cemetery on the Kenyon College campus, right behind Storer/Brandi Recital Hall where our readings were held every evening. With all those old gravestones and the pretty setting on a hill top among old trees, I figured it would make for a good subject.

The Lewis Crypt is the only such structure in the cemetery. Word has it that during Prohibition it was used to hide a distillery, which in turn caused people to believe it was haunted because of certain clanking noises that would emanate from the little building.

Lewis Crypt side window
One side of the crypt’s roof, facing south
The gable and the other side of the roof, with massive moss covering
The sun is up and creates my shadow.
Three are a crowd.
The lid is cracked, and I am not going to ask…
…but I did look. Oh, and see how wet my boots are from the dew?
Loved the palpable silence of the graveyard and behind it the luminous modern glass front of Hayes Hall.
Both are grey – one is dead, the other alive – stone and wood.
I left this way (there’s a gate to the left of these gravestones) into the golden light of a morning on the Kenyon College campus.