Writing Morning Pages has become an important daily ritual for me ever since I read Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write. That book was so transformative for me in understanding the creative process, and more specifically, the writing process, that it warrants its own post, which I hope to deliver soon.

In the meantime I am glad my writing friend Nancy Kopp asked me whether I was doing Morning Pages and, if so, whether I would like to comment on her recent write-up of the practice. Of course I was; in fact, her question was a great prompt to finally put all my thoughts on Morning Pages together. So, please head on over to her blog to see why I LOVE writing my Morning Pages.

And this is from someone who still doesn’t consider herself a particularly disciplined person, and for sure not a morning person! But sitting quietly in my corner of the couch, sipping my first cup of coffee and scribbling in my black and red bound books, that I can do! And I have been the better for it.