Walking through the preschool building at my son’s school always lifts my spirits.

Invariably I will come across funny and cute creations like these Menurkeys (= Menorah Turkey), created, in this case, by the Parent/Tot class. That’s one reason I love working at the school (I do their weekly e-newsletter and handle other communications tasks). Last week these Menurkeys were winking at me from the top of a row of cubbies where they were set out to dry. If something as cute and creative as these guys doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what would!

This year brings a unique convergence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving.

(I really don’t like the term “Thanksgivukah.”) Thus the preschool abounded with creative projects that bring both holidays together. See more at the school’s blog. It also had my shopping list mightily confused. On Sunday I was shopping for all those special things you need for Thanksgiving (sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin, fresh cranberries). then it hit me that I should also be getting those special things you need for Chanukah (potatoes, sour cream, apple sauce), but I did forget to buy candles. Duh! Fortunately, we have plenty of Chanukah candle assortments left from previous holidays. It’s a bit much, two holidays in one, but we shall make the best of this rare convergence that supposedly will not happen again until 2070.

Today we shall light the first Chanukah candle as night falls, and tomorrow we shall roast a turkey. For my family, the latkes (the traditional potato pancakes for Chanukah) will come later this weekend or whenever the Thanksgiving leftovers run out. Thankfully, Chanukah is an eight-day festival.