New York – January
Beacon Theatre on Broadway – the announcement of the Groenemeyer
Concert caught my eye and led to a wonderful concert experience
later in Chicago.
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I’ve started working through Susannah Conway’s Unraveling 2014 Workbook. I highly recommend it! I did this last year at about the same time, and I’m thankful to┬áSusannah that she generously put another one together. I love to take stock of the old year and ponder the next. My mind starts spinning with all kinds of things that the workbook isn’t even asking me to think about, such as what trips I’ve taken in 2013.

Travel is always important to me. Amazingly, when I first jotted down where I’d been, I forgot about two trips earlier this year. So, to remind myself and relish a bit in remembering those travels, I’ve assembled some pictures from my trips this year.


Mount Vernon, Virginia – April

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Bishop Hill – May

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Kenyon College, Ohio – June

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Boston – August

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Boston Bay


Boston Harbor


Boston University Campus


Boston University Campus


Charles Street


Boston City Hall


Fenway Park


Longfellow Bridge


Old Meets New


USS Constitution

Prompt for you: Where have you traveled this year? Put together your own blog post and share the link, or at least list your destinations in the comments box below. I’m curious to see where you’ve been!