This photo is from one of my jaunts during my time at the VCCA. Since I’m bummed by all the snow we’ve had, yet again, here at home in Chicago, this is a little reminder that the world can be free of snow, and temperatures can be above freezing. I actually got out of the car on my drive along Route 60 across the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiked the Appalachian Trail up a hillside, just so I could say I hiked the Appalachian Trail.



On the Appalachian Trail, with the mountain ridges in the background; I didn’t meet a soul.
Sadly, the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed, not sure why. Snow? They call that snow? Anyway, I wasn’t deterred. I left the car by the barrier and walked along to this viewpoint.



View of the Shenandoah Valley towards Lexington from the Blue Ridge Parkway by Route 60: Breathe in the mountain air and enjoy a few moments of being on top of the world, at least this part of the world.