Our country property in Indiana is finally, gloriously saturated with green. I’ve never been so hungry and so thirsty for green! After this long hard winter and all its whiteness, and then the endless drabness of early spring, when it simply wouldn’t green, when the plants and the trees and the ground were simply too exhausted, it is so utterly satisfying to gaze out into nothing but green. I realize that the green of summer is not as satisfying to photograph as the many colors of my favorite season, fall, but still, after taking so long to appear, green needs to be celebrated.

So this past weekend, I relished lying at eye level with the grass. Thankfully the mosquitoes weren’t partying yet, and the air was humming with flies and bees and lots of other insects I don’t know how to name.


A breeze was afoot, and now and then the trees would whoosh with all that abundance of leaves. The sunlight filtered yellow through the greenery. In the city, sadly, many trees didn’t make it. They froze to death and are barren now, while others are dripping in emerald.


Later, to top off a day of reveling outside, a rainbow appeared above the trees. It was a tad faint, and this is the best picture I could get. Not as atmospheric as looking into blades of grass, but still, the colors have returned, even in the sky.