On our two-day Amazon adventure in between attending World Cup games in Manaus, Brazil, we stayed overnight in a floating lodge, the Tauari Inn. I will share more photos from that trip next week, but since the weekend is upon us, I thought I’d share what I discovered as the ideal state of being in the relentless heat of the Amazon rain forest: swinging in a hammock! Even when it’s pouring as it is my little video here.

So, click the image and swing along in a hammock on a porch on the Amazon. You’ll hear the creak, creak, creak of the hammock hook, the dribbling of the rain on the corrugated iron roof, and you’ll gaze out at the rain pounding the water behind the house. You’ll think, ah, good thing I’m swinging in this hammock. After about 20 minutes in that hammock you are completely relaxed and not sweating anymore. Pure bliss and oh so cozy.

Aside from that porch on the Amazon, I venture to say that a hammock is pretty much the ideal place of being anywhere, right?

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!