My daughter who’s been in Israel for a while now misses pumpkins. It’s fall but there ain’t any pumpkins to be found in that desert land. She’s been on the lookout, but I doubt she’ll find one, especially not a cute little one for decoration. What to do? I can’t mail her a real pumpkin; it might rot before it arrived, if it even survived the shipment. Plus postage would be exorbitant.

I noodled around Target in hopes of finding a glass votive pumpkin but I had my doubts about that, too, since that might break in shipment, and I wasn’t sure she could light one in her army barracks. Then I remembered: What about my little book paper pumpkin that I bought two years ago and have been delighting in ever since come pumpkin time? I could easily buy her one of those! It’s darling and easy to ship! So, that’s what I did.

I bought mine (pictured above) on Etsy from AnthologyOnMain, but they currently have a back log due to high demand, so I ordered a slightly different kind for my daughter from HBixbyArtworks. I can’t afford to wait as mailing something overseas can take anywhere from one week to five weeks in my recent experience. And that paper pumpkin gotta arrive while it’s still pumpkin season, right?