I’ve got a new little project–not that I’m lacking for work or busy-ness, but holidays happen if you want them to or not. So this year, since Chanukah is so late in December, I thought I’d take the lead time to get organized. As part of that, I’m putting together a series of eight emails for Chanukah, one delivered on each day of the festival, plus at least one prepatory one to help you get organized.

I have also found that once Chanukah begins, I sometimes forget about it! Life happens, I run around, and there I am, late in the evening and I’ve done nothing Chanukah-ish. So, I’m hoping a daily Chanukah email will alleviate that.

I’m not a rabbi nor a lay leader, so I’m not going to share any religious insights, just ideas of how to celebrate at home, with your family, with yourself, and spreadĀ a little light to others.

My current plan is to send subscribers one email for each day of Chanukah, along with at least one message beforehand to help you prepare, with ample time to get organized.

You can sign up for free here, or in the right hand column of my blog.

Let there be light!

PS: Of course you don’t have be Jewish to sign up, although it probably makes more sense if you are, but all are welcome.