I have a new favorite winter pastime: Sitting in the sun. I’ve discovered that from about 9:15 in the morning until about 10 o’clock the sun, when it is out, shines on my spot on the couch.

Initially I just noticed that I loved sitting there when the sun was warming my back, and the page I was writing on was bathed in sunlight, and a long shadow trailed my pen as it moved over the page. Then I started paying attention. When was this actually happening? Now, when the sun is out, I try to organize my day so that I can be in my spot on the couch by 9:15 a.m. to bask in the sun. It is utter luxury because many days, of course, I am not able to sit there at 9:15 a.m.; I’m at work or have other appointments.

I’m going to watch now how this develops. I think this only happens in winter, and it only happens for a fairly short time in winter when the sun hangs low enough in the sky to cast its rays through the sun porch’s southern window so that they fall, just so, on my couch.

This is such a grounding pastime! I am actually paying attention to where the sun is in the sky and when it shines through my windows and what effects it causes in my house. Next thing you know I might just cancel appointments or be late to work when the sun is shining…