Balcony railing with bare woods and sunset

My best writing happens when I manage to package my own experience, habits or insights into an article that might bring inspiration to others.

Sometimes, my own life is too obvious for me to see what might be worth packaging. It’s just want I do, why write about it?

Thankfully, this spring I did manage to step back and see that my habit of sitting on my balcony, even in the nippy weather of March, and forcing myself to be still and enjoy the sun on my face, might be worth writing about. I got such joy out of it! I would always check the weather forecast in the morning. When I found that the sun was supposed to be out at 3 p.m., I would look forward to balcony time all day.

So, I did write about it, and I did submit that essay to Bella Grace. And I am happy to report that they published it in Issue 26, which just went on sale December 1 (online and at Barnes & Noble stores). I cannot share the article with you here, but if you subscribe to my newsletter, you get a peek at it in the newest edition.

I don’t particularly like the black and white image they used for my article. So the image above shows you the actual (and current) view from my balcony. These days, however, I have to get out there earlier than 3 p.m. The days are much shorter now than in March!

I hope that you have a balcony or some other nice outdoor space you can retreat to, once in a while, to enjoy the winter sun and listen to the sounds of nature.