Article in the French Jewish magazine Tenou’a featuring the same art
work by Michael Thompson I featured last May.

Coming on the heels of my damp review of hosting guest bloggers on Monday, I received a surprise email from Chicago artist Michael Thompson, whose art work “Kosher” I had featured back in May. He sent me this copy of an article from the French magazine Tenou’a featuring the very piece I had featured. He was almost certain that my blog post had led to its discovery and thanked me again for my post. He also invited me to the gallery opening of the show “Rube Goldberg’s Ghost: Confounding Design and Laborious Objects” at Columbia College that will include his work, and I plan to attend and meet him in person. I am thrilled that one little blog post of mine could have such wonderful after-effects.

Goes to show that my friend Barbara was right when she commented on Monday that whatever you put out there on your blog will come back, it just might not be from the direction you expect. I should have remembered that because that’s another life lesson I thought I had learned many years ago (the hard way, of course): When you do something for someone else, chances are it might not be that person who does something for you, but someone else entirely. Clearly, I had to be reminded. Thank you, Michael Thompson!