“Mom vandalized the wall!” – that was my son’s first reaction upon seeing my word of the year written on our living room wall. “Hey, there’s a word on the wall!” – “Does Dad know about this?” – those were my kids’ other reactions. My husband was, thankfully, bemused, and happy to hear that it can be easily removed, and of course I did clear this new wall decoration with him.

I am plainly pleased. Now “Create!” calls out to me every time I sit on the opposite couch, in my spot, where I usually sit with my laptop, my knitting, or my notebook. Already I am imagining an exclamation point calling me to action as to what I should be doing when I’m pushing emails around or dawdling on Twitter. I only put it up earlier this week, but I can already say it’s wonderful to have that tether, steadfast and beckoning me amidst all the mayhem of everyday family life.

I got the idea for the wall decal while visiting our electrician’s new house where all kinds of nice family sayings decorated the walls. They looked like they were stenciled on, but his wife enlightened me that they were merely vinyl decals you can order on Etsy. So I had my own decal custom made to my specs by VinylDesignCreations. It was amazingly cheap, exactly what I wanted, and promptly delivered! I am (can’t you tell?) very happy with my writing on the wall.