The latest photo of my grandparents’ former house,
taken by me on my last visit in June 2009.

My essay ‘Thrown Out’ of the Family Home was published in the Wall Street Journal’s House Call section today.

Back in January, when I saw their call for submissions for essays about a memorable or special home, I knew immediately that I was going to write about my grandparents’ former house in the Czech Republic. I have a strong emotional connection to this house even though I never knew my grandparents living in it. You will have to read the essay to see how that manifests itself… (Please leave comments, too!)

Since the Wall Street Journal could only use one photo, I decided to supplement the essay by sharing a few photos here.

The flower-pot holder atop the garden archway, August 2002. Part of the colored glass of the entryway can be seen to the right.
The vast back yard in August 2002 – you can see me in the red pants standing about with the owners.
My young uncle in the garden, late 1930s.
The kitchen garden in the 1950s
The house in October 1988 – the photo was taken when my brother and sister went for a visit behind the Iron Curtain.
Another 1988 photo from farther up the street when the house was clearly in disrepair.