Library at Alcatraz

I started this blog more than three years ago, and since I reflected on two years of blogging last year, it’s high time to share my insights from three years of blogging:

I receive comments, therefore I am. Comments are the most important thing for a blogger, at least for me. Without comments, a blog post feels worthless, even if it has a decent page view count. Receiving prompt reactions from readers makes blogging unique among publishing vehicles, and I value it highly. So, a big thank you to all who have taken the time to leave a comment. You make it all worthwhile! Comments are the only way for me to know that someone reads what I put out there, to gauge how it resonates, and to be sure that my page views aren’t just generated by some spammer in Russia. Unless you cross paths with me in person and let me know what you thought about a post, I’m not going to know. And I love that validation from readers!

People do find what you put out there. In November I received an email from Samuel French, the renown U.K. publishing house for plays, asking for permission to use my photo “Library at Alcatraz.” The author had found it online and wanted to use it on the front cover of his play. Is that cool or what? Not only has blogging lead me to photography, but I might actually make a little money with my photographs!

Themed blog challenges don’t work for me. I tried to participate in the August Break challenge. The premise of posting one photo per day on a specific topic sounded fun and doable. Alas, after about ten days I missed my way of blogging. Turns out I have found my blogging voice and rhythm, and I need to stay true to it.

Blogging has become part of my life. It is no longer a chore; rather, I love having this outlet to showcase things and experiences that thrill me, mull over puzzling experiences, and occasionally share something I learned.

Thank you, dear readers, and especially dear commenters, for three great years of blogging. I look forward to many more.