I am keeping with my tradition of creating a time capsule of the 12th of December, begun as a project on 12/12/12. One day, way in the future, it might be fun to look back on what one particular day at this stage in my life was like, and how, perhaps, the daily routine changed or didn’t.

So here goes: Every day begins with a cup of coffee and Morning Pages.

I’m at the post office, bright and early, right when it opens, but still, only one counter is open and four people arrived before me. Not bad, though, for pre-Christmas traffic!

Walking back from the post office, there is a slight dusting of grainy snow on the ground.


Late lunch in the car, driving to pick up my son from school to get a retake of his senior yearbook photo done.

At the photo studio I spot a photography magazine that looks interesting.

Home, finally, after lots more driving. Time to light Shabbat candles and retire from the world for a day.