I have often have to remind myself that eventually, it all gets done.

Such as sewing that button onto my son’s polo shirt. It’s an old Lacoste he inherited from his father. One of the few instances when saving clothes paid off! That polo shirt was laying around for weeks, waiting for me to tend to it, to find a replacement button and sew it on.

A task of maximum 10 minutes grew into a vexing chore.

I have to remind myself because my head tends to brim with all the stuff I’m supposed to do and haven’t done.

Lists accumulate and piles grow, and I get anxious. All those chores seem overwhelming. They nag in the back of my mind because I push them on the back burner while tending to more urgent tasks or simply doing things that are more important to me. That is, after all, how essays get finished.

Instead of letting the little chores nag, I should trust in history, in my own way of doing things.

I know from past experience that eventually a Sunday like yesterday will roll around when I’m happy to be puttering around the house and taking care of all those little chores.

A day when I have no other pressing agenda, no appointments nor deadlines to meet. A day when I actually want to be home and don’t want to engage in anything consequential. A day when, in the evening, I can look back on a clean stack of laundry, some mended or ironed clothes, a desk that has been cleared of paperwork, and a neat stack of packages of return merchandise by the door.

It all got done and it feels good! I just have to make sure that I don’t get annoyed when, in a day or two, the next little to-do appears. I have to trust that, eventually, it will get done.