While walking to my Ulpan (Hebrew school) in Jerusalem this morning, I passed by this street library set up in an old bus station.

Of course I was immediately charmed and would have loved to stop and browse but, alas, I had to be on time for my lesson. Still, I snapped this picture and maybe, if I manage to leave for school a bit earlier, I can browse tomorrow. Later in the day is not conducive to browsing because temperatures in Jerusalem are currently insanely hot at 41C (106F) by midday, so all I want to do is scurry from one air-conditioned site to the next.

Just passing by I spotted a bunch of English books (It will be a long time before I can read Hebrew books!).

Not that I need to have any more books but still, I love this idea of having a “station” where you can deposit books you no longer want and can stop for a few minutes to browse and perhaps pick up a volume.

Of course, this set up works particularly well in a country where it doesn’t rain much and not at all for one half of the year. I’ll be passing by there for the next two weeks, so if I find something intriguing, I shall report!

Happy reading, even in the heat…