Today I’m picking up the practice of creating a time capsule of one ordinary day, namely December 12, begun back on 12/12/12 when that was simply one cool date. I discovered I lapsed on this the last two years but I wanted to do it again this year as it’s just fun to capture one particular date every year and then be able to look back and see how or if my life has changed. I still love the morning light in our sun porch (as in the picture above) – my favorite spot in winter when for an hour or so in the morning the light is slanted enough to shine right on my spot on the couch. And my mug is the same, too!

The ladybug dishes are still the same, probably always will be, but breakfast has changed a bit to a lower sugar version.

Outside there was a light dusting of snow, as there was back on 12/12/14, the last time I did this.

Again, I was packaging stuff to ship off (this time my book is involved, however) – it’s simply that time of year when you send gifts to people – but at least I didn’t have to face the lines at the post office thanks to online click-and-ship.

Where I got my hair done later in the afternoon – I’ve been seeing the same hair dresser for almost 30 years!

And then, shopping, as I realized we didn’t have any Chanukah candles!

Thankfully, the local drugstore has a shelf all dedicated to Chanukah supplies.

And again, as on 12/12/14, it’s one of the nights of Chanukah, this time the first.

Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate!