23Oct, 2017

Book Companion Post: Answering Reader Questions

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Storefront in Liberec, 2016 (Sadly, I wasn't able to figure out the exact site of Guido and Resi's store.) What happened to Ludwig during the war? Was he sent to the "Front"?  Let me first answer this by quoting a passage that was cut from the book: Towards the end of 1943, Resi was not able to hold [...]

19Oct, 2017

Jewish Encounters in a Non-Jewish Land

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  Today I'm happy to share my essay "Jewish Encounters in a Non-Jewish Land," published recently in the brand-spanking new Sasson Magazine. Please head on over [...]

12Oct, 2017

Book Companion Post: Görlitz

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I received this picture of my book from a reader in Germany. Without any input from me, she chose to take it in front of the post office in Görlitz (doesn't it look like a castle?). How perfect! Görlitz is mentioned in Jumping Over Shadows as my grandparents are experiencing the end of World War II in their hometown of [...]

4Oct, 2017

Finalist! Giveaway!

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It's celebration time! I am thrilled to share that Jumping Over Shadows was named a finalist for the 2017 Book of the Year Award organized by the Chicago Writers Association! Today is the 6-month publication anniversary! And I received my first royalty check today, which a) wasn't too shabby, but b) is just a GREAT feeling. To celebrate, I'm hosting [...]

2Oct, 2017


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On a day like today, when you wake up to such terrible news as the mass shooting in Las Vegas, what is there to do? Of course I'm following the news for updates, but that's so terribly paralyzing and unproductive. Thankfully, I had scheduled a post on my Facebook page for this morning and when that notification popped up it [...]

29Sep, 2017

The Ups and Downs of the Author’s Life

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"So how's it going with your book?" is the question I'm most often asked these days when I meet someone I haven't seen in a while. The truth is I'm never quite sure how to answer because it depends on the latest developments. The author's life is a roller coaster ride, or a ride on the ferris wheel, up and [...]

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