16Nov, 2018

A Vintage Children’s Book Illuminates a Visit to Plymouth Plantation

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On our recent trip to Boston, we visited Plimouth Plantation. As often happens when traveling, you go out to see one thing and discover another. Plimouth Plantation hadn't been the main destination that day, a cranberry farm had been. But since it was on the way, we stopped by on our drive back. Turns out the historical village was the [...]

9Nov, 2018

Eyewitness Accounts for Today’s 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

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The destruction of the synagogue in Reichenberg (Liberec), November 9-10, 1938 Last year I wrote about Remembering Kristallnacht in Liberec, which is featured in my book Jumping Over Shadows. I didn't want today's 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom go by without honoring it. Especially since I've made a new friend, thanks to my book, who grew up Jewish [...]

2Nov, 2018

Creative Nonfiction and Memoir: What’s the Difference?

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A new student asked me to explain the difference between creative nonfiction and memoir, and so I thought I'd clarify this here today. If one person asks, I figure, more are probably wondering. The answer is really quite simple: Memoir is a form of creative nonfiction. Let's define creative nonfiction. I actually dislike the term, as do many writers in [...]

26Oct, 2018

Recipe for a Perfect Day in Solitude

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"...when [you] remember feeling joyfully bound to the whole earth or even universe -- [those moments] are most likely to be associated with being alone, and often alone outside." found on p. 109 under "Explore Reverie" in How to Be Alone by Sara Maitland How true, how true. I stumbled across this observation recently reading Sara Maitland's How to Be [...]

19Oct, 2018

Writing Postcards – A Tradition Continues

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Postcard carousel in the colonnade at Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic (September 2016) Whenever I travel, I send postcards to my brother and sister. They do the same. This summer I was grounded because of my hip surgery, but the side table by my writing spot displays postcards from my brother's trip to Scotland and my sister's excursion to [...]

12Oct, 2018

The Rainy Day File

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One evening last summer, my brother and I lingered by the camp fire after the rest of the family had gone to bed. As the flames died down, we looked up at the night sky, taking in its twinkling endlessness. Suddenly, there they were: Two falling stars, their contrails briefly lighting up the inky firmament. “Did you see that?” We [...]

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