11Apr, 2017

Book Companion Post – Chapter: Haselnusstorte (or: A Flourless Hazelnut Torte for Passover)

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  "The next time we visited her, a hazelnut torte would be waiting on her kitchen counter, glazed in glistening dark chocolate." Story and recipe on page 166 of Jumping Over Shadows - A Memoir This chapter was also excerpted in Tablet Magazine, see A Kosher for Passover Hazelnute Torte. I'm going out of chapter order with today's book companion [...]

6Apr, 2017

In Defense of the Small Seder

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  "So how many people are you having?" - For sure I am going to be asked this question today when I chat about Seder preparations with my coworkers. Read about how I deal with it in my new essay in The Forward: In Defense of the Little Seder. I know this phenomenon applies to other, even non-Jewish holidays as [...]

4Apr, 2017

Book Companion Post – Chapter: Fait Accompli I – My Grandfather’s Staircase

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  Today is the publication date of my memoir¬†Jumping Over Shadows! Hurray! And thus I offer you my very first book companion post, a series I plan to run every Tuesday until I am out of background material and behind-the-book stories to share with you. I will title them according to which chapter in the book they're accompanying, going, more [...]

10Mar, 2017

Purim Costumes from Home Depot

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The mermaid and the astronaut mentioned in the story... This Sunday is the Jewish holiday of Purim. I used to dread the arrival of Purim because that meant I had to come up with Purim costumes. Or rather, my kids came up with what they wanted to be, and I had to make it happen. Dressing up for the [...]

3Mar, 2017

Sticking with Morning Pages

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I love my Morning Pages. In fact, I'm going on four years of doing them. And yet, these days, I'm having a hard time sticking to this practice. This is not because I'm not finding the time or because I don't feel like sitting down on my spot on the couch, opening my notebook and start scribbling. Each morning, I [...]

15Feb, 2017

Welcome to my New Website!

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Masarykova, Liberec, Czech Republic Finally, finally, it's up and running and all the behind-the-scenes Google stuff is working as well (that had been my stress point these past few days). It's a learning curve for me now to handle the new platform on WordPress but learning something new is always good, right? And thankfully, I do have the [...]

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