5Apr, 2018

6 Things that Will Surprise You about Publishing a Book

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Karlsruhe, Germany - Photo by Barbara Jester Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my book's publication--the perfect time to share a few things that surprised me about publishing a book: People genuinely admire you for having done it--for having completed something, for actually writing a book and getting it out there. Many people dream of this, few actually [...]

30Mar, 2018

Passover Recipes

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Passover is, after Rosh Hashana, my favorite Jewish holiday--mainly because it is all about home and family--and I love it despite, or maybe because of, all the work involved. Hosting a Seder is, I believe, the essence of Jewish homemaking. Yesterday I made a big batch of Gefilte Fish as my husband's Aunt Rachel taught me (see Becoming a Proper [...]

19Mar, 2018

Book Companion Post: My Aunt Herta

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Herta and I, Wiesbaden, 2002 Today would have been my Aunt Herta's birthday. I like to remember loved ones on their birthdays, and since Herta is one of the key characters in Jumping Over Shadows, I thought I'd create a tribute to her. Not only was Herta a key character in the book, but she was also a [...]

2Mar, 2018

To the Lighthouse

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How can a public place can be so personal? How can I be so attached to a place I don't own,  maintain, nor have a say in its very existence? Such as the pier and lighthouse at Loyola Beach? That place is a touchstone in my life, a spot where I feel I meet myself and can think about who I [...]

23Feb, 2018

Why Returning to Our Roots is so Meaningful

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Why is it so meaningful to return to your roots? To where your ancestors are from? To visit places you only know from stories and pictures? I’ve asked myself that every time I traveled to my grandparents’ hometown, Liberec, in the Czech Republic. Standing in front of the villa they used to own feels like I’m visiting an old friend; sitting [...]

16Feb, 2018

Book Companion Post: How to Come Up with Book Events

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When I first contemplated promoting my book Jumping Over Shadows through events, I was stumped to come up with topics I could present. {read the rest of the article on She Writes}  

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