7Sep, 2018

The Vilna Shul

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Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, is around the corner, and so I thought this is a good time to share a few photos from my visit to the Vilna Shul in Boston back in April. I've milled about Boston's historic Beacon Hill many times; in fact, it's my favorite neighborhood there. And yet, I didn't know about the Vilna [...]

31Aug, 2018

On Rereading Books

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I just reread a book I had read in 2012 when it first came out: Susannah Conway's This I Know. It is one of the few books I've gifted several times and I have recommended it often to friends going through grief and bereavement. I found there is much to be learned from rereading. I initially leafed through it looking [...]

24Aug, 2018

My Book’s Almost Titles

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At book events, I'm often asked how I came up with my book's title, Jumping Over Shadows (see that story here: How to Come Up with a Book Title). Recently, however, when I told the story of the title, someone asked what the other contending titles had been. I thought this would make an interesting book companion post. An Impossible Love, [...]

17Aug, 2018

Why Handwritten Get Well Cards Are Special

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I have blogged before about the special magic of handwritten letters and postcards. But now that I am recovering from hip surgery and have been largely housebound, I discovered just how special it is to receive an actual get well card in the mail. In this age of WhatsApp, texting, email, Facebook posts and messaging, I have received plenty of well [...]

10Aug, 2018

Crossing Lake Michigan on the SS Badger Ferry

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Turns out my one day of pure R&R this summer was spent crossing Lake Michigan on the SS Badger Ferry (our trip to New Orleans wasn't exactly R&R). Assembling this blog post was a wonderful way for me to revisit that trip, especially now that I'm still mostly confined to the house during my recovery from hip surgery. This ferry [...]

3Aug, 2018

Honoring Our Roots

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At our grandparents' grave - my sister, my brother and I Summer is the time of family reunions. Incidentally, just before my hip surgery, we had a family reunion of sorts on my mother's side on the occasion of my beloved uncle's sudden death. Of course the intent wasn't a family reunion, but funerals do bring people together. [...]

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