18Jan, 2019

Stumbling Upon Oskar Schindler’s Grave in Jerusalem

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One of the things I love about Jerusalem is that you stumble upon historically significant sites all the time. Such was the case last weekend, when my husband and I set out to walk to the Kotel (Western Wall) in the Old City. This was a solid 45 minute walk from our rented apartment, but of course we stopped here [...]

28Dec, 2018

How to Evaluate Your Social Media Use and Free Up Time

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I just lived without my main email for almost two weeks, and that turned out to be quite nice. Just before I left on a longer trip, I messed up my Microsoft Office suite (don't ask, I don't quite know how that happened). My Outlook was uninstalled. I could only access my email through my Internet provider's nasty webmail interface. [...]

21Dec, 2018

Writer’s Workbook 2019

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The new edition of the Writer's Workbook is here! All you gotta do to receive it is subscribe to my newsletter. If you are a subscriber, you will have received already. I wish you good fun reviewing the old year and planning for the new, as well as all the best for the New Year, especially good success with your writing!

14Dec, 2018

Giving Up Christmas

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Christmas at the Hemingway Birthplace Home where I was fortunate to have been writer-in-residence four years ago! Giving up Christmas is one of the advantages of converting to Judaism, at least in my experience. When people hear that I converted, the first question is often, “Don’t you miss Christmas?” And when I reply that I don’t, they usually look [...]

7Dec, 2018

Easy Cut-Out Cookies for Chanukah or Christmas

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I baked cookies for Chanukah on Monday, all by myself. It was odd to cut out cookies without my kids, but I missed nibbling on our traditional cookies when my husband and I lit our first Chanukah candle on Sunday. It has also felt weird to light the Chanukah candles without a child present. Alas, they have all flown the nest. [...]

30Nov, 2018

Are You Creating Assets?

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Once in a while, one of Seth Godin's daily missives sticks in my mind, such as his idea of focusing on creating assets. That's how I understood his post The Daily. He focused on encouraging a daily habit of creating an asset, but I zeroed in on the very idea of creating assets. Godin published it on September 28, when I [...]

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