1Nov, 2016

My Artful Blogging Story

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Scottish Highlands, August 2015 Today the winter issue of Artful Blogging hits newsstands, and it features my photo essay "The Accidental Travel Blogger." This is a dream come true for me, and I want to celebrate by sharing a few photos that go along with the essay and by telling you how this came about. Being published in Artful Blogging is [...]

31Oct, 2016

Gravestone Errors & Corrections

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While we were visiting Minute Man National Historical Park last weekend, we stopped for lunch in the nearby colonial town of Concord, where I noticed two old graveyards in the middle of town. So after we returned to Concord from the musket firing demonstration and had some time before dinner at the Colonial Inn (dating back to 1716), my daughter [...]

28Oct, 2016

Photo of the Week: Firing a Musket

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I didn't realize firing a musket generates that much smoke! Well I guess I did when I think about images from movies like Glory, but to see it happen for real is a whole other thing. We were in Boston last weekend experiencing parents weekend as freshly minted parents of a freshman, and that was interesting enough. But on Sunday, [...]

20Oct, 2016

A Visit to the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

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The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery is a forest of its own. (Photo by Rivka Schiller) I have a certain fascination for cemeteries, and when my friend Rivka Schiller recently shared her journey to Warsaw's Jewish Cemetery in the fall of 2014 to find her great-great-grandfather's grave, the headstone of which her family had just had restored, I was stunned by her [...]

18Oct, 2016

The Story of my Book Cover

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Here it is, the cover of my memoir Jumping Over Shadows. And, incidentally, no sooner had we finalized the cover than the book appeared on amazon, book description, author bio and all. Phew! Deep breath! I have to admit it was a seminal moment to see that. To arrive at the cover, however, was a lesson in not accepting no for [...]

13Oct, 2016

An Unexpectedly Beautiful Story About Detroit Public Schools

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Talking with Village Voice writer Alexandria Neason about her new education feature.

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