10May, 2019

Sharing the Best Photos of our Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Petra, Jordan this Past January (Part 2: Amman)

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If our first stop in Jordan, Jerash, was windswept and chilly, it was downright cold at the Amman Citadel. The Amman Citadel has been a site of fortresses dating back to ancient times, perched on the highest of the many steep hills that make up modern-day Amman. The weather on that late afternoon was also decidedly odd, the sky enveloped [...]

26Apr, 2019

Sharing the Best Photos of our Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Petra, Jordan this Past January (Part 1: Jerash)

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This past January I was fortunate enough to be able to cross one of the places I always wanted to see off my bucket list: Petra, Jordan. Mind you, this didn't come easy, and it wasn't my first attempt. In December 2006, my mother-in-law and I booked a day trip to Petra from Eilat, Israel, only to be turned back [...]

19Apr, 2019

My Grandmother’s Original Recipe for Hazelnut Torte Which Happens to Be Kosher for Passover

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Every Passover, I bake my German grandmother's signature Hazelnut Torte. In my family, it wouldn't be Passover without it. I included the recipe in Jumping Over Shadows because it is such an amazing amalgam of my heritage and my adopted Jewish tradition. And yet, it occurred to me this morning, as I opened the little spiral-bound notebook of recipes she [...]

12Apr, 2019

6 Years of Morning Pages: Why I’ve Stuck with Them and Recommend Them to Everyone

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Writing Morning Pages is still the practice I most recommend to anyone who wants to bring writing into their life, and to anyone who wants to live a more deliberate life. April 8 was my 6-year Morning Pages anniversary! I just recommended Morning Pages again, this time to a friend of my husband who was visiting us this week, and [...]

29Mar, 2019

What Happened When Hitler Visited My Grandparents’ Hometown

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Hitler himself visited Reichenberg on Friday, December 2, 1938. His visit was geared to rally the populace for the supplementary elections to the Reichstag, to be held the following Sunday, December 4, when the Sudetendeutschen would vote on who would represent this newly acquired territory in Berlin. Read on... Thus begins a chapter I ended up cutting from Jumping Over [...]

15Mar, 2019

How I Got into the Purim Custom of Giving Mishloach Manot

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Purim is coming up — this year it begins on the evening of March 20 — and I’ve been busy planning what to put in my Mishloach Manot, the small gifts of food Jews exchange on Purim. I wasn’t always into this custom, but let’s just say I’ve really come around. Read on in my new article on Kveller: Why Jews [...]

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